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PicBasic Compiler


This product has been superceded by the latest version of PICBASIC PRO and is no longer available. Please visit our new PICBASIC PRO page here for more information.

Write your PIC Microcontroller programs in BASIC!

The low-cost PicBasic Compiler (PBC) makes it easy to write programs for the fast Microchip PIC Microcontrollers.

PBC converts these programs into hex or binary files that can be programmed directly into a PIC Microcontroller.

The easy-to-use BASIC language makes PIC Microcontroller programming available to everyone with its English-like instruction set.

No more scary assembly language!

Now includes MicroCode Studio for Windows!

MicroCode Studio allows you to write code in a PicBasic-friendly environment. Colour coded syntax, compile and launch programmer from toolbar, multiple documents, and more.(Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)

The PicBasic Compiler instruction set is compatible with the Parallax BASIC Stamp 1. BS1 programs can be compiled into PIC Microcontroller code and programmed directly into a PIC Microcontroller, eliminating the need for a BASIC Stamp module. These programs execute much faster and may be longer than their Stamp equivalents. They may also be protected so no one can copy your code. Other benefits include substantial cost savings over a BASIC Stamp.

All of the PicBasic Compiler library routines act on the 8-bit PORTB of the PIC Microcontroller. PicBasic programs may use up to 2K of code space.

The PicBasic Compiler has many features beyond the BASIC Stamp 1. PEEK and POKE instructions let you use additional microcontroller features not available on the BS1. These include access to PORTA, B, C, D and E (if the particular device has them), A/D converters, hardware serial ports and other on-chip features in BASIC, foregoing the need to use assembly language.

But if you really want to use assembly language instructions, they may be mixed with BASIC instructions through the use of the PicBasic Compiler’s in-line assembler and CALL instruction. Our PIC Microcontroller macro assembler is included and automatically invoked by the PicBasic Compiler.

The I2C commands let the PIC Microcontroller talk to external I2C devices, such as serial EEPROMs, using only a 2-wire interface. Two PORTA pins have been dedicated to the task (the particular pins assigned may be easily changed if desired) so there is no need to tie up any of the special purpose PORTB pins.

PBC has more user variables. The BS1 only provides variables from B0 - B13 and W0 - W6. The PicBasic Compiler allows variables from B0 - B79 and W0 - W39 when used with PIC Microcontrollers having 96 RAM registers in bank 0 like the PIC16C622 and 16C74.

The PicBasic Compiler is a DOS command line application (it also works in Windows) and runs on PC compatibles. It can create programs for the PIC12C67x, PIC14Cxxx, PIC16C55x, 6xx, 7xx, 84, 92x and PIC16F8xx microcontrollers and works with most PIC Microcontroller programmers, including the EPIC Plus Programmer, Serial Programmer, USB Programmer and U2 USB Programmer. A printed manual and sample programs are included to get you started.

The PicBasic Compiler can also be used inside Microchip’s MPLAB IDE. This allows programs to be edited and simulated within Windows.

For a more powerful instruction set, we recommend the PicBasic Pro Compiler.

  • Quicker and easier than "C" or assembler
  • Expanded BASIC Stamp I compatible instruction set
  • True compiler provides faster program execution and longer programs than BASIC interpreters
  • I2CIN and I2COUT instructions to access external serial EEPROMs
  • More user variables
  • PEEK and POKE instructions to access any PIC Microcontroller register from BASIC
  • Serial speeds to 9600 baud
  • In-line assembler and CALL support
  • Supports most 14-bit core PIC Microcontrollers
  • Use in DOS or Windows
  • Compatible with most PIC Microcontroller programmers such as the EPIC Plus Programmer, Serial Programmer, USB Programmer and U2 USB Programmer.



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