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microEngineering Labs U2 USB Programmer


The new and improved model of the popular melabs USB Programmer now offers even more features than before! More than 300 PIC Microcontrollers are supported! Support for future devices can be added via FLASH firmware updates.

Intelligent voltage regulation allows programming of the new, low-voltage PIC MCUs as well as standard five-volt devices. The U2 USB Programmer is powered by the USB port. No additional external power adapter is needed!

U2 USB Programmer Features:

  • Powered from USB port
  • Fast FULL SPEED USB data transfer
  • HID interface
  • Standard USB cable ("A" male to "B" male)
  • Full featured, command-line operation
  • Automatic Vdd and Vpp adjustment for different PIC MCUs
  • Dual-color indicator shows ready/busy states
  • In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) connector for interface to project board
  • Full featured software included with support for ICSP-capable PIC MCUs
  • Flash firmware easily upgradeable to add support for future devices
  • Compatible with Microchip HEX format files
  • Compatible with all Programming Adapters

Programming Adapters: We offer an extensive line of programming adapters that allow you to program devices in DIP, Surface Mount, and PLCC packages. To find an adapter to fit the part/package that you need to program, see our Programming Adapters section.

In-Circuit Serial Programming: The U2 Programmer is capable of programming PIC MCUs in-circuit. This allows you to solder the chip to your board before you program it, making both development and production more convenient. To use this feature, your target board must have some means of connecting to the 10-pin header on the programmer. More information about ICSP may be found here.

Automated Programming: The melabs Programmer Software can be controlled with command-line switches. This allows you to automate repetitive programming processes for production or development. You can even disable the graphic user interface (GUI) so that options and settings cant be changed accidentally. This also makes it possible to perform multiple programming tasks from a batch file or custom application.

Software: The programmer includes software for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP. This software allows you to control the programmer and set the configuration bits on the PIC. The software may be run as a standalone application or launched from most program editor/IDE packages like MicroCode Studio.

The melabs programmer software is compatible with the standard Microchip HEX format files. Any assembler or compiler for PICmicros can be used to create the program, including MPASM, the CCS C Compiler or the melabs PicBasic Pro Compiler.

The same software that controls the U2 Programmer can be used with all models of our programmers, including EPIC parallel port programmers and melabs Serial Programmer. The software can even control multiple programmers on one computer.

The software allows you to set configuration bits on the PIC with an easy-to-use list of options. Each configuration option is selectable in a drop-down list. Configuration data may be read from a hex file or from a PIC.

The consolidated view-memory window lets you view each section of memory in the PIC with a click.

A formidable list of options allow you to customize the way you interact with the software. You control what areas of the device are erased, programmed, and verified. Save mouse clicks with options like "Disable completion messages" and "Erase before programming".

The programmers firmware can be upgraded electronically with the click of the mouse. You dont have to worry about whether your hardware is compatible when purchasing a software upgrade. Any required firmware changes will be included in the purchased upgrade.

The U2 USB Programmer is now also available as a cased version. Same great funtionality as the standard version but enclosed in a tough plastic case for enhanced durability. Ideal for use in the field!

The U2 USB Programmer is also available in convenient, cost-saving bundles which include a U2 USB Programmer, USB Cable, 8-40 Pin DIP Adapter, Software and Documentation.
See our Programmer Bundles page for more information.

We offer a selection of adapters for various device packages.
See our Programming Adapters page for more information.



Technical Details

Devices Supported Adapter Required
PIC10F200, 10F202, 10F204, 10F206, 10F220, 10F222 Yes 10F Adapter
PIC12C508(A), 12C509(A), 12C671, 12C672, 12CE518, 12CE519, 12CE673, 12CE674, 12F508, 12F509, 12F510, 12F629, 12F615, 12F635, 12F675, 12F683, 12HV615 Yes 840Z Adapter
PIC14000 Yes PIC14000 ZIF Adapter
PIC16C432, 16C433 Yes ICSP
PIC16C52, 16C54, 16C55, 16C56, 16C57, 16C58, 16HV540 No  
PIC16C505, 16C554, 16C557, 16C558, 16C61, 16C62(AB), 16C620(A), 16C621(A), 16C622(A), 16CE623, 16CE624, 16CE625, 16C63(A), 16C64(A), 16C642, 16C65(AB), 16C66, 16C662, 16C67, 16C71, 16C710, 16C711, 16C712, 16C715, 16C716, 16C717, 16C72(A), 16C73(AB), 16C74(AB), 16C745, 16C76, 16C765, 16C77, 16C773, 16C774, 16C84 Yes 840Z Adapter
PIC16C770, 16C771, 16C781, 16C782 Yes 820Z Adapter
PIC16C923, 16C924, 16C925, 16C926 Yes 68 Pin PLCC Adapter
PIC16F505, 16F506, 16F54, 16F616, 16F627(A), 16F628(A), 16F630, 16F631, 16F636, 16F639, 16F648A, 16F676, 16F677, 16F684, 16F685, 16F687, 16F688, 16F689, 16F690, 16F716, 16F72, 16F73, 16F737, 16F74, 16F747, 16F76, 16F767, 16F77, 16F777, 16F785, 16F818, 16F819, 16F83, 16F84(A), 16F87, 16F870, 16F871, 16F872, 16F873(A), 16F874(A), 16F876(A), 16F877(A), 16F88, 16F883, 16F884, 16F886, 16F887, 16F913, 16F914, 16F916, 16F917, 16HV616, 16HV785 Yes 840Z Adapter
PIC16F57 Yes F5 28-Pin ZIF Adapter
PIC16F59 Yes F5 40-Pin ZIF Adapter
PIC16F946 Yes 64TQFP Adapter
PIC17C42(A), 17C43, 17C44 No  
PIC17C752, 17C756(A) Yes 1768 PLCC Adapter
PIC17C762, 17C766 Yes 1784 PLCC Adapter
PIC18C242, 18C252, 18C442, 18C452 Yes 840Z Adapter
PIC18C601, 18C658 Yes 1868 PLCC Adapter
PIC18C801, 18C858 Yes 1884 PLCC Adapter
PIC18F1220, 18F1230, 18F1320, 18F1330, 18F2220, 18F2221, 18F2320, 18F2321, 18F2331, 18F2410, 18F242, 18F2420, 18F2431, 18F2439, 18F2450, 18F2455, 18F248, 18F2480, 18F2510, 18F2515, 18F252, 18F2520, 18F2525, 18F2539, 18F2550, 18F258, 18F2580, 18F2585, 18F2610, 18F2620, 18F2680, 18F2682, 18F2685, 18F4220, 18F4221, 18F4320, 18F4321, 18F4331, 18F4410, 18F442, 18F4420, 18F4431, 18F4439, 18F4450, 18F4455, 18F448, 18F4480, 18F4510, 18F4515, 18F452, 18F4520, 18F4525, 18F4539, 18F4550, 18F458, 18F4580, 18F4585, 18F4610, 18F4620, 18F4680, 18F4682, 18F4685 Yes 840Z Adapter
PIC18F6310, 18F6390, 18F6410, 18F6490, 18F6520, 18F6525, 18F6527, 18F6585, 18F6620, 18F6621, 18F6622, 18F6627, 18F6680, 18F6720, 18F6722 Yes 1864 TQFP Adapter
PIC18F8310, 18F8390, 18F8410, 18F8490, 18F8520, 18F8525, 18F8527, 18F8585, 18F8620, 18F8621, 18F8622, 18F8627, 18F8680, 18F8720, 18F8722 Yes 1880 TQFP Adapter
PIC18F24J10, 18F25J10, 18F44J10, 18F45J10, 18LF24J10, 18LF25J10, 18LF44J10, 18LF45J10 Yes # * 840Z Adapter
PIC18F63J11, 18F63J90, 18F64J11, 18F64J90, 18F65J10, 18F65J11, 18F65J15, 18F65J90, 18F66J10, 18F66J15, 18F66J60, 18F66J65, 18F67J10, 18F67J60 Yes # * 1864 TQFP Adapter
PIC18F83J11, 18F83J90, 18F84J11, 18F84J90, 18F85J10, 18F85J11, 18F85J15, 18F85J90, 18F86J10, 18F86J15, 18F86J60, 18F86J65, 18F87J10, 18F87J60 Yes # * 1880 TQFP Adapter
PIC18F96J60, 18F96J65, 18F97J60 Yes * ICSP
PicStic1, PicStic1 2K, PicStic2, PicStic2 2K, PicStic3, PicStic 3 2K, PicStic4, PicStic4 2K, and PicStic5 Yes PicStic Adapter
rfPIC12C509AG Yes 840Z Adapter
rfPIC12C509AF, rfPIC12F675F, 675H, 675K Yes 20 Pin SSOP Adapter
dsPIC30F2010, 30F2011, 30F2012, 30F3010, 30F3011, 30F3012, 30F3013, 30F3014, 30F4011, 30F4012, 30F4013 Yes dsPIC ZIF Adapter
dsPIC30F5011, dsPIC30F5015, dsPIC30F6011A, dsPIC30F6012A, dsPIC30F6015 Yes 64 Pin TQFP Adapter
PIC24FJ128GA006, 24FJ64GA006, 24FJ96GA006, 24HJ128GP206, 24HJ128GP306, 24HJ128GP506, 24HJ256GP206, 24HJ64GP206, 24HJ64GP506, dsPIC33FJ128GP206, dsPIC33FJ128GP306, dsPIC33FJ128GP706, dsPIC33FJ128MC506, dsPIC33FJ128MC706, dsPIC33FJ256GP506, dsPIC33FJ64GP206, dsPIC33FJ64GP306, dsPIC33FJ64GP706, dsPIC33FJ64MC506, dsPIC33FJ64MC706 Yes # * dsPIC 64 Pin TQFP Adapter
dsPIC30F5012, dsPIC30F5016, dsPIC30F6010A, dsPIC30F6013A, dsPIC30F6014A Yes dsPIC 80 Pin TQFP Adapter
PIC24FJ128GA008, 24FJ64GA008, 24FJ96GA008, dsPIC33FJ128GP708, dsPIC33FJ128MC708, dsPIC33FJ64GP708, dsPIC33FJ64MC508 Yes # * dsPIC 80 Pin TQFP Adapter
24FJ128GA010, 24FJ64GA010, 24FJ96GA010, 24HJ128GP210, 24HJ128GP310, 24HJ128GP510, 24HJ256GP210, 24HJ256GP610, 24HJ64GP210, 24HJ64GP510, dsPIC33FJ128GP310, dsPIC33FJ128GP710, dsPIC33FJ128MC510, dsPIC33FJ256GP510, dsPIC33FJ256GP710, dsPIC33FJ256MC510, dsPIC33FJ256MC710, dsPIC33FJ64GP310, dsPIC33FJ64GP710, dsPIC33FJ64MC510, dsPIC33FJ64MC710 Yes * ICSP
MCP25020, 25025, 25050, 25055 Yes MCPZ Adapter

# All other programmers are NOT CAPABLE of programming these parts using an adapter. However, all programmers are capable of programming these parts in-circuit. Attempts to program with incorrect hardware or software settings could damage the target device.

* Please note that attempts to program with incorrect hardware or software settings could damage the target device.

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